About Bio Bin

Plastic Pollution

Biobin Ltd are a small family run business based in Bournemouth, on the South Coast of England.  Being from a coastal town, we are acutely aware of the issue of plastic pollution which is affecting OUR planet. 

What probably began as a manufacturing and consumer convenience, took only a few decades to convert into a global pandemic. Plastic bags and their irresponsible disposal and resistance to decomposition kill hundreds of thousands of sea animals and birds a year, disrupting whole ecosystems.

Plastic pollution not only litters our beautiful beaches and landscapes, it is poisoning and injuring marine life across the globe, disrupting human hormones and is at such an extent it is threatening the survival of our planet!

wATCH David Attenborough discussing the issue here

Why Biodegradable?

When an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide, it is but an alarming number that can only lead to an exponential disruption and terminal damage to the ecosystems, especially the sea-life. So, going biodegradable is a no-brainer!

The “World Economic Forum” agrees with us on the matter. Here is a short and insightful video.

You Can Make A Difference

It’s easy to think that small changes made by one household can’t possibly have any effect on a global problem; research shows that small adaptations made by individuals and households really can make a difference to help our planet.

Calculate Your Consumption

Use the following link to calculate your own personal contribution to plastic pollution.  Share this with your friends!


What We Do

Our company is led by individuals who understand the dangers of plastic bags to our environment, and carry the foresight to bring innovative technological solutions to combat this global plastic menace. Through years of preparation prior to its launch, Biobin successfully brings eco-friendly and biodegradable solutions to replace the disposable plastic products which take hundreds and even thousands of years to decompose.

Biobin is not a short-term solution. In our quest for biodegradable technologies, we also strive to bring forth only sustainable solutions that can meet the global demand round the clock.”