Our bags fully decompose naturally! Just because they decompose like any other natural product, they must be fragile, right? Wrong. Our biodegradable engineering also makes them robust enough to carry all your groceries like you did with the plastic bags!

With Biobin’s 100% biodegradable bin liners you can help keep your bins clean, dry and manageable – while also doing your bit for the environment.

An environmentally friendly alternative to standard polythene bags, our degradable bags are designed to break down naturally making it easier to dispose of and eliminating the need to recycle or take up space in landfill sites.

Over time, all standard plastic will eventually biodegrade, but this will take many decades. Our Oxy Biodegradable range means you can bin your waste, without thinking about harm caused to the environment.


We have partnered with a leading plastic technologist to develop a biodegradable plastic material that not only fully degrades to minimise the impact from landfill but is also 100% recyclable.

The Science Behind Biodegradable Polythene Bags…

Our biodegradable packaging’s key features include the following:
– Fully recyclable
– Affordable
– Equivalent strength and weight to normal plastic
– Leak proof
– Degrades on land or sea

You will instantly notice a difference in our biodegradable and compostable material’s softer feel and non-chemical smell as compared to traditional plastic. This does not compromise the strength as our bags are as durable as plastic of equal size and thickness.